Hist. 151 Notes 10

Hist. 151 Notes 10 - -the invention and spread of...

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- the invention and spread of Christianity: -from Jewish sect to a New Universal Religion: resurrection of Jesus illustrates that miracles simply cannot be verified historically; Paul of Tarsus (group formed sect w/i Judaism that followed word of Jesus for 50 years after his death; Paul set up network of “Christian” communities across Mediterranean, but he never knew Jesus personally and even persecuted Christians in the past; Paul argued that Jesus represented a turning point in history, away from Judaism; by focusing on Jesus’ salvation of all of humanity, Paul moves away from belief of Jews as God’s chosen people; Paul also initiates talk of Jesus as the “son of God”, centers Christianity on Jesus himself; Paul makes it a lot “easier” to be Christian by abandoning some strict Jewish laws, appeals to some non-Christians); towards a stable community (between 100 and 200 CE Christian population jumps from 50000 to half a million, despite attempts by Romans to suppress movement); Roman persecution
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Hist. 151 Notes 10 - -the invention and spread of...

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