Hist. 151 Notes 15

Hist. 151 Notes 15 - - the Renaissance in Italy (definition...

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Unformatted text preview: - the Renaissance in Italy (definition and context):-Renaissance: the rebirth of Hellenistic culture, the rediscovery of classical culture of Greeks and Romans; first and foremost intellectual movement called humanism (Florence, Italy associated with Renaissance), marks beginning of modern period (however, mentality of Middle Ages continues to exist); new emphasis on rational/ secular thought, new appreciation for humanity in general, new ideas of politics-the age of transition: can be viewed as the birth of the modern world, as well as an extension of medieval culture (basically a transitional period; medieval thinkers used reason only to satisfy the Church, while Renaissance scholars believe intellectuals of the past were valuable for their own sake, not through their relevance to the Church), humanism (intellectual movement that studies the interpretation of ancient texts; humanists thought that medieval scholastics ignored how these texts could help men learn to live better lives; humanists spent their lives hunting down these old texts, and then trying to make sense of...
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Hist. 151 Notes 15 - - the Renaissance in Italy (definition...

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