Hist. 151 Notes 16

Hist. 151 Notes 16 - -Renaissance literature and art:...

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- Renaissance literature and art: -humanism and Renaissance literature: Francesco Petrarch was wandering intellectual, traveler (spends much time in Avignon, coins term “Babylonian Captivity” for Papacy, experiences plague firsthand which inspires his writing; played large role in elevating Latin texts as guides for living a better life on Earth, thus known as “father of humanism”; uses texts to make sense of his experiences, establish his identities [this differs from scholastic authors, who only used texts to buttress their own faith]; writes Letters to the Ancients such as Socrates, enters into personal dialogue with them, finds ancients to be more interesting than his modern peers; believes that if he imitates great ancient figures, he can learn to live a better and more rational life; always speaks to ancients such as Cicero as if they are his close friends, even challenges some of their ideas; in this way Petrarch establishes what it means to be an intellectual; establishes what it means to be a writer, actively fashions own identity through writing); Giovanni Boccaccio (does much to popularize views of Petrarch, humanism; thinks that average people are interested in hearing stories about people like them, gives the average people this in The Decameron which details life during the plague; writes with colloquial language which is easily understood and used by the common people; his writings reaffirm human qualities, show that the joys of life are not to be shunned); Leonardo Bruni (wants to move from vulgarized Latin of medieval times, to beautiful Latin of
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Hist. 151 Notes 16 - -Renaissance literature and art:...

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