Hist. 151 Notes 19

Hist. 151 Notes 19 - - the spread of the Reformation...

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Unformatted text preview: - the spread of the Reformation (Calvin, radical Protestants, and Henry VIII):-Calvinism (theology and politics): founded by John Calvin (initially studied to become a priest but ended up going to law school; law school shapes his ideas of how the City of Man should be ordered; forced to flee France by Catholic French King Francis I, ends up in Switzerland; writes a very Humanist text, at the heart of which is the question who actually receives salvation?; claimed man could never truly know God, could essentially do nothing to save themselves, answers salvation question with concept of predestination, still says that people who exhibited Protestant work ethic and lived a good life were actually predestined to go to heaven; Calvinism thus proves to be a perfect fit with capitalism), Calvinists establish religious theocracy in Geneva (adhere to very strict religious laws, execute anyone who does not adhere to these laws, no tolerance for sinners; Calvinism potentially politically subversive by saying that...
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Hist. 151 Notes 19 - - the spread of the Reformation...

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