Hist. 151 Notes 20

Hist. 151 Notes 20 - -the Catholic Reformation and...

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- the Catholic Reformation and religious war (1530-1598): -the Church responds (Catholic Reformation or counterreformation): Church initially caught off guard by Reformation, initial surprise at support from secular elites for Reformation; eventual consolidation of the base (King Francis I of France declares Protestantism a heresy, some Catholics start to call for fundamental changes in Church in order to prevent further spread of Protestantism; realize they must admit the Church has become corrupt and decadent) -the Catholic Reformation: The Council of Trent (members of Church hierarchy spend much time condemning Protestantism, also reaffirm basic pillars of Catholic doctrine; at same time they propose new policies to reform Church for example the ending of the practice of purchasing Church offices, better training and education for clergy, discouragement of materialism for upper clergy, convincing people that Catholic Church is place to go for spiritual comfort; however, the practice of indulgences remains, even though the Church vows to curb the abuse of the selling of indulgences; most importantly the Church regroups and recovers its confidence, unity; this is change starting from the Pope and working its way down); several examples of change starting from lay people lower in the Church hierarchy (Ignatius Loyola writes Spiritual Exercises showing Christians how they can develop a closer relationship with God and the Church, establishes the Society of the Jesus, or the Jesuits; Jesuits are extremely organized, disciplined, militant, intensely loyal to Pope and the maintenance of the Catholic faith; explain that Catholic Church offers a clearer path to salvation than Protestant groups); Church eventually feels strong
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Hist. 151 Notes 20 - -the Catholic Reformation and...

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