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Hist 151 Notes 21 - -European expansion in the 16th century-expansion illustrates European superiority domination modernization destruction of

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- European expansion in the 16 th century: -expansion illustrates European superiority, domination, modernization; destruction of native populations to fuel “Western” expansion (this destruction bound to happen through survival of the fittest?) -the motives and means of expansion (why Europe?): -motives: economics (land, trade and birth of capitalism; large population in Europe has demand for imported products; second and third born sons get no land inheritance and thus must look elsewhere), politics (centralizing monarchies, international competition), religion (messianic impulses, crusader mentality lingers as Europeans wish to spread Christianity), individualism (the new adventurer?, lack of opportunity in Europe?; Renaissance concept of virtu motivates some men including Columbus; social outlet for old feudal elite that has become irrelevant in Europe) -means: technology (ships, navigation, and guns; include inventions of the caravel ship and the
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