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Anth. 147 Notes 2 - account of collapsed granaries-the...

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Unformatted text preview: - account of collapsed granaries:-the Azande-culture in the northern part of central Africa; author is interested in examining function of witchcraft in Azande society; Azande believe witchcraft can be the cause of death, or at the least an explanation for woe and hardship (ex. man who trips over stump and gets cut blames witchcraft for his subsequent infection from said wound)-what does Evans Pritchard’s account of collapsed granary reveal?: in the minds of those from West, the collapse of the granary and the people who happened to be sitting under it are related merely by coincidence; the Azande explain the coincidence by the presence of witchcraft; Azande believe that negative coincidences are explained by witchcraft (this is the Azande philosophy, which the author takes seriously)-what was author’s purpose in writing about Zande witchcraft?: the author’s purpose was to enlighten the reader to alternative explanations for woe other than mere coincidence, to bring logic to the Azande way...
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