Anth. 147 Notes 5

Anth. 147 Notes 5 - -the mountain and the Cadillac...

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- the mountain and the Cadillac (understanding the symbolic process of healing): -metaphors we live by: images that condense, organize and represent what it feels like to be a member of a group; metaphors are cultural, shaped by broader cultural contexts people live in (make claims about the nature of the world, organize actions, rarely subject to debate); metaphors make illness meaningful by categorizing it -symbols work through homology: people’s views of their bodies represent a homology with their views of the world or universe -Qollahuaya (an indigenous community of Indians in highlands of Bolivia)-talk about body as a sacred mountain (community also lives in a mountain; the mountain, in turn, is understood as a version of the human body); in US society the body is often referred to as a machine, or more particularly, a car (an example is a doctor referring to a patient as a Cadillac that will be repaired and as good as new after the doctor finishes “working on him”) -Qollahuaya Indians: part of larger group of native people called the Aymara Nation (since 200 AD in the Central Andes); Huarochiri Legends (series of stories passed from generation to generation that describes the mountain metaphorically as the human body; oral tradition is important); social organization (mountain as human body, community as mountain); three separate villages (highest altitude village is “head”, central altitude village is “trunk”, lowlands village is “legs”; these are all separate, but they all must function together for the “body” to be healthy) -Qollahuaya social organization: marriage is exogamous at mountain level (required to marry someone from a separate level/ altitude; all people on same village level are considered to be family; this
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Anth. 147 Notes 5 - -the mountain and the Cadillac...

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