Anth. 147 Notes 8

Anth. 147 Notes 8 - -has democracy been good for Russians...

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- has democracy been good for Russians’ health?: -early Soviet Union: government claimed it was emancipating people from requirements of daily life (by taking care of their economic, healthcare, educational needs; women’s discrimination would also be ended [pre USSR women were mistreated by their husbands] by giving women right to work full time, government also created a series of state run nurseries and daycares) -state socialist paternalism: women and men aided by a “safety net” (women’s equality but dependency on state for healthcare, daycare; women mobilized to be part of workforce by the government’s language of emancipation, thus women basically required to do hard labor; sex equality was predicated on women’s dependency on government); centralized economic planning (availability of goods was not determined by demand, but by the decisions of central planners who determined what would be provided [women’s and children’s needs were not prioritized]; women subjected to both workforce and domestic labor [men not expected to take on equal part of domestic labor])
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Anth. 147 Notes 8 - -has democracy been good for Russians...

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