Anth. 147 Notes 10

Anth. 147 Notes 10 - -shapes in the wax(a video on...

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- shapes in the wax (a video on tradition, faith, and healing among folk medicine practitioners in rural Ukraine): -What kinds of illnesses & symptoms do Ukrainian folk healers (babki) treat?: biomedicine’s “untreatable” diseases (include fear, evil eye, bad luck) - In what ways do religion and faith play a role in the babki’s healing process?: combine aspects of Christianity with the wax reading process (for example, pouring holy water that has been blessed by a church into the wax pot; for example, saying “the Father, Son and Holy Spirit” while performing the wax ritual) -What are 3 central components of the healing ritual that offer a therapeutic effect?: water (purity), knife (severing illness from the patient), wax (holiness); process is to read the wax to diagnose disease, then use water from pot to cure the patient - How does folk healing relate to people’s cultural identity?: the film suggests that folk healers’ popularity relates to people’s search for identity after communism; revival of religious practices after end of communism as well -How do Ukrainians from outside the villages talk about the babki’s power?: the religious institutes are wary of babki and their “spells”; sometimes even doctors will visit the babki to get healing for otherwise “untreatable” diseases; outsiders seem to respect the babki, but may or may not believe in them (view babki as important, however, integral part of Ukrainian roots) -How do their comments reveal the workings of faith &/or the suspension of disbelief?: - the Hmong and the war in Laos: -pre war era (Hmong experiences): originated in China (had different worldview than Chinese), migrated
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Anth. 147 Notes 10 - -shapes in the wax(a video on...

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