Anth. 147 Notes 11

Anth. 147 Notes 11 - - the split horns (video on a Hmong...

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Unformatted text preview: - the split horns (video on a Hmong shaman in the US):-themes for discussion: this film explores the experiences of a Hmong txiv neeb dealing with adaptation to life in the US; while viewing the film, take notes on the following themes -responsibility of the family: family very important for Hmong-American life through the eyes of the Hmong from different generations: completely different from life in Laos; father goes from being shaman leader in Laos to an elementary student in US (father also dislikes hospitals); younger generations assimilate much better to American culture-the soul (how is it an actor or agent in daily life?): the soul can leave the body at any time; goal in death is to ensure soul is sent to ancestors (if ceremonies are not done correctly the deceased soul will come back to haunt his family); a lost soul makes a person sick-what are the causes of the father’s illness/ distress/ affliction?: his children have become “Americanized” and do not want to participate in Hmong rituals (father is scared the family is breaking apart; other daughters have also left without explanation and eloped); some family members have also converted to Christianity-the daughter narrating the story explains, “Dad is worried about the health of our family”; what is “health” for the father?: father thinks family’s souls have wondered, have strayed far from Hmong culture“health” for the father?...
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Anth. 147 Notes 11 - - the split horns (video on a Hmong...

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