Anth. 147 Notes 12

Anth. 147 Notes 12 - -cultural competence and its...

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- cultural competence and its critiques: -case study of the debate (approaches to diabetes prevention): cultural competence approach to target minority communities for education (faith based programs, knowledge/ use of nutritional guidelines, increase physical activity, diabetes self management skills, utilization of community health aides who best know how to reach their communities) -critical medical anthropology (critique and alternatives): increasing awareness fails to address root causes of illness (accessibility of healthy foods?, safe neighborhood to walk/ exercise in?, health care access?), “lifestyle” explanation individualizes responsibility and blames victims; two important questions raised (how do poverty and social inequality set limits on the actual choices people face? and what about social-collective responsibility for the pre-requisites to health?) -another alternative (promote cultural humility): rethink goals of medicine by analyzing it as a social and cultural phenomenon (teach health providers that medicine is part of the social and cultural factors of a society; be humble and realize that other cultures have different medical systems), reflect on nature of suffering and possible impacts of medicine on suffering (be sensitive to possible impact of medicine on suffering) -socialization of medical students (examples of the cultural forms of interaction learned): case presentation (changing rhetorical strategies; physicians enter situations with a ready-made way to look at illnesses and treatment, learned in medical school; they need to look at individuals as more than just biological entities, need to realize that biomedicine is socially constructed), the autopsy as rite of passage (transforms students’ subjectivity, ideal of “detached concern”; after autopsy doctors begin to view themselves as a special elite, also begin to combine attitudes detachment and concern/ empathy; it is
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Anth. 147 Notes 12 - -cultural competence and its...

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