Geog. 110 Notes 2

Geog. 110 Notes 2 - -the exosphere and the habitability of...

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-the exosphere and the habitability of Earth: - basic concepts: -gravity-law of universal gravitation (every object in the Universe attracts every other object w/ a force directed along the line of centers for the two objects that is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the separation b/w the two objects) -processes/ events that release energy/ radiation-fusion (H + H=He + energy; this occurs on Sun), radioactivity (ex. geothermal heat), collisions (ex. meteorites) -evolution of a solar nebula into our solar system-cloud spins more rapidly as it collapses b/c of conservation of angular momentum; proto planet development (gravitational attractions lead to coalescence, accretion, and compression), the planets started out quite small but grew (planetesimal hypothesis) -Earth’s early evolution-proto planets (partially molten rock soup) became organized planetary interior (heavy materials moved downwards, lighter materials moved upwards; this is called vertical differentiation of materials); lunar formation has multiple hypotheses (most accepted: collision w/ smaller proto planet, Moon exceptionally large for small Earth in twin planetary system; Moon used to be much closer to Earth, but it has been gradually moving away) -radiation laws-“inverse square” law (as you get farther and farther from the Sun, its rays are less intense), Stefan Boltzman law (the hotter something is, the more energy it will
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Geog. 110 Notes 2 - -the exosphere and the habitability of...

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