Geog. 110 Notes 5

Geog. 110 Notes 5 - -temperature-basic concepts heat is a...

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-temperature: -basic concepts: heat is a form of energy, while temperature is a measure of the mean molecular speed; two factors control relationship b/w heat and temperature, specific heat (materials w/ a high specific heat require, or must lose, more energy to warm or cool by a given amount; they take longer to warm up and cool down; specific heat of water is 4 to 5 times greater than that of land, thus continental areas are warmer than marine areas during summer, and cooler during winter; continental climates show a greater diurnal and seasonal range in temperature; what place exhibits a more marine climate, Hatteras Island NC, or Monterey? Monterey CA, b/c winds prevail from West to East, so Hatteras is “downstream” of air currents) -horizontal temperature patterns: -controlling factors-differential warming of land and water (due to specific heat, surface mobility and water transparency, evaporation; has profound impact on climate; marine vs. continental climates; which hemisphere has greatest seasonal temp. changes? Northern b/c it has much more land compared to water), latitude (strongly related to annual solar insolation; why is it higher over oceans? water has very low albedo), ocean currents (keep Western Europe much warmer than comparable altitudes in Canada; clockwise turning of water in Northern Hemisphere, counterclockwise in Southern Hemisphere), altitude,
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Geog. 110 Notes 5 - -temperature-basic concepts heat is a...

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