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Geog. 110 Notes 8 - mesocyclone appears as a hook on radar...

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- tornadoes: -what separates tornado from normal storm? wind shear; tornadoes are associated w/ a mesocyclone, which spirals upward in the updraft of the storm; distinct from thunderstorms in that thunderstorms are characterized by downward outflow, while tornadoes have winds that spiral inward and up -the appearance of the funnel to observers on the ground is primarily dependent on light characteristics (consider the sun angle, location, time of day); tornadoes generally move from southwest to northeast -tornadoes are most commonly associated w/ rotating supercell thunderstorms; violent updrafts in a supercell are necessary to facilitate the strong rotating winds w/i a mesocyclone (i.e. where a tornado is likely to form); a key ingredient is a “capping” inversion (a buildup of convective energy beneath the inversion like water filling a balloon until…POP); tornadoes descend from the mesocyclone (the
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Unformatted text preview: mesocyclone appears as a hook on radar imagery)-wall cloud-the base of the cloud appears lower than the rest of the cloud, signals potential tornado; how does speed shear cause tornado genesis near the mesocyclone? stronger winds pass over weaker winds, creating horizontal spinning, which leads to convective thermal rising that shifts the horizontal spinning vertically (this vertical column becomes the mesocyclone)-advantage to using Doppler-able to measure velocity of precipitation (also tells if precipitation is rotating in cloud); Tornado Vortex Signature (TVS, where outbound and inbound velocities meet, indicating wind rotation; this indicates location of mesocyclone)-the Atlanta Tornado (March 14, 2008)-unusual track (northwest to southeast), occurred in unusual place relative to cold front; happened during SEC basketball tournament in the Georgia Dome...
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  • Spring '08
  • Thunderstorm, Strong Rotating Winds, signals potential tornado, cause tornado genesis, Tornado Vortex Signature

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