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Geog. 110 Notes 10

Geog. 110 Notes 10 - -hydrosphere-hydrologic...

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- hydrosphere: - hydrologic cycle - atmospheric component-evaporative fluxes from the surface (factors controlling evaporation are water/ soil temperature, seasonality; factors that control evapotranspiration are season/ latitude, vegetation type, leaf area index LA, in NC evapotranspiration usually exceeds precipitation; factors controlling atmospheric moisture limits/ saturation point include temperature), moisture advection (associated with onshore flow from Gulf and or Atlantic; there is a seasonal difference in its importance), precipitation recycling (factors include evapotranspiration/ evaporation amounts, solar insolation/ convective potential), average global circulation (lifting key mechanism for precipitation; moist winds converge near equator at ITCZ/ equatorial low, then cycle to higher latitudes in Hadley cells), predominant flow across Carolinas (in winter, winds flow from the northwest to the southeast, dry conditions dominate; in summer
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