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Geog. 111 Notes 4

Geog. 111 Notes 4 - -air pressure and wind-air pressure(P...

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- air pressure and wind: -air pressure (P): the force exerted by the air per unit area; measured by a barometer (P=Force/ Area); air pressure patterns are identified on a map by plotting isobars (an isobar is a line drawn through all points in which the pressure is the same value; differences in pressure cause pressure gradients, forcing air to move from one place to another; this gives us information about wind strength and other factors) -pressure is controlled by: density (D, the amount of mass contained in a unit volume; D=Mass/ Volume; mass relates to the number of molecules; air pressure is proportional to D or the number of molecules in a given volume), temperature (T, in a confined space Volume, V=constant; consider the Ideal Gas Law, PV=NRT where P=Constant*T, therefore P is proportional to T; in the atmosphere, however, volume cannot be held constant so temperature changes force volume changes, which force pressure changes; the atmosphere is thus very compressible and expandable)
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