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Geog. 111 Notes 9 - - freezing precipitation and ice storms...

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Unformatted text preview: - freezing precipitation and ice storms (in the Carolinas):-freezing rain: super-cooled rain droplets that freeze upon coming into contact with a sub-freezing surface-sleet: rain droplets that freeze into ice pellets as they fall through a layer of sub-freezing air (same as freezing rain, but the sleet freezes before it hits a surface); this can make roads extremely dangerous-what is super-cooled water?: liquid water that exists at sub-freezing temperatures (but has not yet frozen); difficult for water molecules in rapid, random motion (liquid state) to become locked in a fixed, vibrating lattice (ice state); super-cooled water can exist at temperatures approaching -40 degrees C; so how does ice form? (we need ice nuclei/ some type of particulate matter with a nearly crystalline structure to provide a solid surface for which super-cooled drops can freeze onto via deposition; this process is most efficient around -15 degrees C; less efficient as the temperature approaches 0 degrees C b/c there are...
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