Geog. 111 Notes 10

Geog. 111 Notes 10 - -thunderstorms: -average thunderstorm...

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- thunderstorms: -average thunderstorm has overshooting cloud top, rising warm/ moist air to the right on the side of the developing cell (starts at the surface), cold downdraft and heavy rain on the opposite side, a gust front divides the updraft and downdraft (updraft builds the storm, keeps droplet particles suspended; when droplets become too heavy for the updraft to support them, they fall downward, forming the downdraft; tornados actually associated with updraft region of thunderstorms; downdraft actually helps to sustain life cycle of storm, does so via the gust front/ mini cold front [leading edge of gust front acts to lift up warm surface air ahead of the storm]); anvil head forms downwind (produced b/c wind aloft is much stronger than wind at surface, acts to shear cloud; also forms b/c once air reaches stratosphere there is a temperature inversion, leading to capping of storm) -stages of thunderstorm: cumulus stage (storm is basically just a cumulus cloud; weak winds, mostly warm updrafts), mature stage (both an updraft and a downdraft, heavy precipitation [detrainment is associated with the stabilization of the air around a thunderstorm when some air leaves the storm; entrainment occurs when dry air along the periphery of the storm gets ingested into the storm, helps to build larger cloud drops during cumulus stage, but chokes off updraft of storm during mature stage,
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Geog. 111 Notes 10 - -thunderstorms: -average thunderstorm...

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