Geog. 111 Notes 13

Geog. 111 Notes 13 - - weather analysis and...

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Unformatted text preview: - weather analysis and forecasting:-methods of “short term” weather forecasting: local weather forecasting, synoptic weather forecasting, numerical weather forecasting, operational weather forecasting (what makes modern day forecasting so much better than it used to be?, technology including weather radar, satellites, high speed computers, fathers/ more efficient communication “near-real time”); the human role in weather forecasting (psychological categories of forecasters include intuitive scientists, rule based scientists, procedure based forecasters, procedure based mechanics, disengaged; intuitive scientists are innovative and decisive, but as we work our way down the chain we get to disengaged who have little interest in their jobs; forecasting has become more and more disengaged in the public sector, but not so in the private sector)-what is weather forecasting today?: one of greatest scientific successes of past 100 years; based on global network of weather observations; computer algorithms and programs (“models”) solve complicated...
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Geog. 111 Notes 13 - - weather analysis and...

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