Geog. 111 Notes 14

Geog. 111 Notes 14 - -past climate change-different(but...

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- past climate change: -different (but inter-related) perspectives on climate change: paleoclimatology (back hundreds of millions of years), contemporary climatology (here and now, the last 100 years), future climatology (the next 100 plus years) -paleoclimatology: the clues/ proxies (tree rings, pollen records, ice cores, marine sediments, fossil records), the processes (volcanoes, asteroid impacts, solar variability, Earth’s orbit, plate tectonics, ocean circulations) -dendrochronology: this method relates tree ring width to modern day precipitation, which turns the width of tree rings into a yardstick for estimating precipitation for periods when no human observations are available (tree growth affected by water supply, temperature and solar radiation) -pollen: trees produce pollen grains that can accumulate and become buried deep in lake sediments; using radiocarbon dating and our understanding of plant biology, we can determine the tree species that thrived many tens of thousands of years ago and the conditions that likely prevailed -ice core records: cores taken from ice in polar regions give information about gas concentrations,
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Geog. 111 Notes 14 - -past climate change-different(but...

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