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- the ethics of climate change: -science can tell us about the how, why and what of climate change, but it can’t tell us the “should” (why?: because our decisions affect other people) -ethics: branch of philosophy which seeks to address questions about morality; Aldo Leopold served for 19 years in the US Forest Service, wrote the Sand County Almanac (informed and changed the environmental movement and broadened interest in ecology as a science; land ethic moves us from competition to cooperation) -what should we do about climate change?: John Broome (professor at Oxford University doesn’t concern himself with ethical considerations between humans and land, but focuses on those between present humans and future humans; will we make sacrifices so that future humans can reap the benefits?) -two approaches to caring about the future: Nicholas Stern (in the UK Treasury, uses discount rate of 1.4%, places comparatively high value on future well being), William Nordhaus (professor at Yale, uses discount rate of 6%, places a comparatively low value on future well being)
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