Psyc. 101 Notes

Psyc. 101 Notes - -prior to 1879, physiology +...

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-prior to 1879, physiology + philosophy=psychology; Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920, University of Leipzig, Germany) established the first laboratory for study of psychology in 1879 and psychology is born, Wundt defined psychology as the “scientific study of conscious experience” -Leipzig the place to study psychology, graduates of Wundt’s program set up new labs across Europe and North America; G. Stanley Hall (1846-1924, Johns Hopkins University) established first psychology lab in US in 1883 -b/w 1883 and 1893 24 new labs founded in North America -two intellectual schools of thought for psychology: structuralism (led by Edward Titchener) and functionalism (led by William James, who wrote Principles of Psychology ) -structuralists focused on analyzing consciousness into basic elements (introspection- careful, systematic observations of one’s own conscious experience) -functionalists focused on investigating the function or purpose of consciousness -most historians give the edge to James and the functionalists; today, psychologists
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Psyc. 101 Notes - -prior to 1879, physiology +...

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