Psyc. 101 Notes 3

Psyc. 101 Notes 3 - -evolutionary psychology-outline of...

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- evolutionary psychology: -outline of theory-overpopulation, variation, adaptation and fitness, natural selection -principles of evolutionary psychology: -evolutionary psychologists believe natural selection designed our minds for life in environment resembling African savannah -human brain consists of neural circuits designed by natural selection to solve problems our ancestors faced during evolutionary history (our minds adapt to meet challenges of environment) -different neural circuits are specialized for solving different adaptive problems -much of mind is unconscious; brain modules do work automatically w/o our awareness -aggression-has solved adaptive problems - consciousness -awareness of internal and external stimuli, self awareness (awareness of self and thoughts) -sleep-why do we sleep? (sleep evolved to conserve organisms’ energy; immobilization during sleep is adaptive b/c it reduces danger; sleep helps animals to restore energy and other bodily resources; these are all hypotheses); what determines when we sleep? (sleep drive-how long since you last slept; circadian rhythms-daylight, neurochemical effects; sleep related behaviors -sleep deprivation-complete deprivation (3 or 4 days max.), partial deprivation or sleep restriction (impaired attention, reaction time, coordination, and decision making; accidents like Chernobyl, Exxon Valdez; 24000 deaths per year), selective deprivation (REM and slow wave sleep, rebound effect)
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Psyc. 101 Notes 3 - -evolutionary psychology-outline of...

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