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Psyc. 101 Notes 6

Psyc. 101 Notes 6 - -development-basic questions-maturation...

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-development: -basic questions-maturation and learning, continuity and discontinuity (stage-qualitative changes, simultaneous appearance of many skills, abrupt transitions, reorganizes large amount of information), invariable sequence, domain generality and domain specificity, methodological issues (cross sectional studies, longitudinal studies, cohort effects and dropout) -prenatal development: germinal stage (first two weeks after sperm and ova combine; conception, implantation, formation of placenta), embryonic stage (2 weeks to 2 months; formation of vital organs and systems), fetal stage (2 months to birth; bodily growth continues, movement capability begins, brain cells multiply, age of viability) -environmental factors and prenatal development-maternal nutrition (malnutrition linked to increased risk of birth complications, neurological problems and psychopathy), maternal drug use (tobacco, alcohol, prescription and recreational drugs; fetal alcohol syndrome) -basic principles: cephalocaudal trend (head to foot), proximodistal trend (center to outward regions) -maturation-gradual unfolding of genetic blueprint -developmental norms-median age (cultural variations) -development-neonate motor abilities (2 months-raise head; 2.8 months-roll over front to back; 4 months- sit up w/ support; 5.5 months-sit w/o support; 5.8 months-stand holding on; 7.6 months-pull self to standing position; 9.2 months-walk holding onto furniture; 10 months-crawl and creep; 11.5 months-stand alone; 12.1 months-walk w/o assistance)
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