Psyc. 101 Notes 9

Psyc. 101 Notes 9 - -psychological disorders-abnormal...

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-psychological disorders: -abnormal behavior-distressing, dysfunctional behavior that is different from social norms (historically: demonology) -modern theoretical perspectives: psychodynamic, humanistic, behavioral, cognitive -deviance-from behaviors, thoughts, and emotions considered normal in a specific place and time and by specific people; from social norms (the stated and unstated rules for proper conduct in a society); judgments of deviance are something -distress-according to many clinical guidelines, behavior must be personally distressing before it can be labeled abnormal; the is not always the case (bipolar disorders in adults, many disorders occur early in childhood) -dysfunction-abnormal behavior interferes w/ daily life; culture influences determinations of dysfunction; the presence of dysfunction alone does not equal abnormality -danger-to self and others -classifying and diagnosing psychological disorders: DSM IV multi axial approach (axis 1: major clinical syndromes; axis 2: personality disorders; axis 3: physical disorders; axis 4: psychosocial stressors; axis 5: global assessment of functioning -problems with “abnormality”: Szasz societies invent the concept of mental illness to control those who threaten social order; etc. -the extent of abnormal behavior-in any given year in the US 30% of adults and 20% of children would benefit from treatment -anxiety disorders: generalized anxiety disorder (“free floating anxiety”), phobic disorder (specific focus
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Psyc. 101 Notes 9 - -psychological disorders-abnormal...

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