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POLI 100 - i Riddled with red tape ii Impersonal and rigid iii Unresponsive to general public 4 What do public bureaucracies do a Implementation

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Bureaucracy 11/17/10 1. What are the characteristics of a bureaucracy? 1.Hierachically Organized 2. Specialization, specific traits 3.Qualification and competence as the basis of recruitment and promotion 4.Institutionalized of procedures-rules to be followed 5.Career identification – eg. Teacher, engineer, accountant, machinist 2. Why bureaucracy? a. It provides services for lots of people. Experts in all areas b. Can handle 3. Popular ambivalence a. Objective i. Strict about precedent and follow rules ii. Impartial and consistent iii. Responsive to control form top iv. Efficient b. Subjective
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Unformatted text preview: i. Riddled with red tape ii. Impersonal and rigid iii. Unresponsive to general public 4. What do public bureaucracies do? a. Implementation, Administration, Regulation 5. Organization of US bureaucracies 6. The principal agent problem a. The principle is the person or group who delegates to another person or group —the agent—a particular job or task. A principal-agent problem is:”How does the principal control the behavior of the agent when the agent is more knowledgeable?”. 7. How is the US bureaucracy held accountable?...
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