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House notes and Politcs

House notes and Politcs - Voters also feel votes don’t...

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Political Science 100 11/03/2010 Many more independents than used to be, more possibility for rapid change. Bias favors republicans in house( Gerrymandering) and senate (More small states GOP) Election reinstated natural balance. Most like 1994 election. House compared to Senate 1.More hierarchical 2.Leadership more important 3.More real knowledge of legislation 4. Speaker may create ad hoc committees if she/he desires(eg. to consider a sweeping energy bill) 5.Committees more important 6.Acts more quickly 7.more impersonal, less prestige 8.less media attention 9.more locally oriented 10.impeach vs convict 11.majority rule NO FILIBUSTER Senate-proximity, In order to win your need 60. 60 th senator takes over median. When working with super majorities, it is hard to get change.
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Unformatted text preview: Voters also feel votes don’t matter Nature of Representation 1.Demographic(Hispanics can only get represented well by Hispanic) Share demographics(more sympatric) 2.delegate-represent interest in areas(districts or state) will do what people want them t do. 3.trustee-elect somebody-do what they think is best for district. 4.Party representative-Party leadership tells you what to do. Always vote party wishes. 5. Interest Representative-certain interest elected you, and your responsible to take care of those. Ex.UNC, research triangle. ***Nature of system inteneed for same groups and locals, hard to get get. **Money buys access.** Must get someone who agrees with you in congress. Need for money make congress men sympathetic for you....
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