Citizenship in Victorian America

Citizenship in Victorian America - Celtic 1815-1860 Chinese...

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Citizenship in Victorian America 13th Amendment 1865: abolished slavery 14th Amendment 1868: citizen rights 15th Amendment 1870: black (male) suffrage Freedman’s Bureau Jim Crow Laws-put blacks back into servitude. Same as old Booker T. Washington-founded tuskeegee institute, campaigned for economic equality and education Ida Wells-Barnett George Armstrong Custer-indian killer Black Kettle Sitting Bull Immigration: 1815: U.S. population 8.4 million 1914: over 35 million new immigrants
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Unformatted text preview: Celtic 1815-1860 Chinese 1800-1882 Teutonic 1860-1890 Mediterranean-Slavic 1890-1914 Statue of Liberty: Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi Emma Lazarus: “The New Colossus” Extra points: • Ellis island • Starting a new life, not as romantic as thought to be. • What is the balance between becoming an American and maintaining old values • Wave of new immigrants coming in faster than buildings could be built. Tennements...
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