Citizenship in Victorian America

Citizenship in Victorian America - Celtic 1815-1860 Chinese...

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Citizenship in Victorian America 13th Amendment 1865: abolished slavery 14th Amendment 1868: citizen rights 15th Amendment 1870: black (male) suffrage Freedman’s Bureau Jim Crow Laws-put blacks back into servitude. Same as old Booker T. Washington-founded tuskeegee institute, campaigned for economic equality and education Ida Wells-Barnett George Armstrong Custer-indian killer Black Kettle Sitting Bull Immigration: 1815: U.S. population 8.4 million 1914: over 35 million new immigrants
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Unformatted text preview: Celtic 1815-1860 Chinese 1800-1882 Teutonic 1860-1890 Mediterranean-Slavic 1890-1914 Statue of Liberty: Frdric Auguste Bartholdi Emma Lazarus: The New Colossus Extra points: Ellis island Starting a new life, not as romantic as thought to be. What is the balance between becoming an American and maintaining old values Wave of new immigrants coming in faster than buildings could be built. Tennements...
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