Matthew Brady and the Experience of war.

Matthew Brady and the Experience of war. - • Robert E Lee...

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Matthew Brady And the Experience of War Daguerreotype Mathew Brady Gallery of famous Americans 1. Portraits of Leaders 2. Record of historical moment 3. Apparatus of War 4. Life of everyday soldier 5. Cruelty and devastation of war Extra points: Photography-Louis Daguerre. 1846. Early Photography. Took pictures with sunlight and chemicals. Mathew Brady. 1855. Gallery of Famous Americans, All living presidents, Whitman, Clara Barton, etc. Expression of Brady’s view of who or what was important. Took pictures of Lincoln. Photography becoming more convenient Bradys Negative field bos. Was able to get a photography wagon to go near Union lines. . Getting Union vision of the War. Photographs put name with leaders. General William Tecumseh Sherman on Horse. Like Trumbulls painting of GW. Showed what was like and show’s him in power and in command.
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Unformatted text preview: • Robert E. Lee. Portrayed as defeated but with dignity after war. No saber. • Camera recording historical moment. Showed officers, showed new technologies; hot air ballons, bridges, etc. Rallied moral on the home front, especially when war was going to be longer than expected. Seeing these things musters support for the war effort . • Life of everyday soldier photographs-• A group of contrabands-former slaves choosing freedom • Cruelty and devastation of the War photos.-Antietam Battlefield-showed horrific aftermath. Convened cost of war. Grotesque horror portrayed. • Dead confederate-focused on an individual, and cost of war. Even a union audience could say ‘this is my son, or my brother”. Suggests a religious image. Did Brady arrange people to portray certain image....
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  • American Civil War, William Tecumseh Sherman, Matthew Brady, Daguerreotype Mathew Brady, everyday soldier Cruelty, famous americans

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