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COMING OF THE CIVIL WAR - Natural rights and immoral •...

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THE COMING OF THE CIVIL WAR Abolitionism David Walker, Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World , 1829 William Lloyd Garrison, The Liberator , 1831 Amistad decision 1841 Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin , 1852 Attitudes Manifest Destiny Romantic Patriotism Defense of Hearth and Home Heir of the American Revolution Extra Points: Opposition to slavery existed as long almost as long as slavery (primarily in north) Romanticism contributed to abolitionism. Asked people to look into themselves and change their own minds before acting out in the world. Awakened conscience’s. By 1830 anti slavery movements of all kind flourished. Still a fairly narrow view of people believed it could actually be ended Turned from trying to make people sympathetic to bolder means. David Walker appealed to Dec of Ind. To free slaves. William Lloyd Garrison-northern abolitionist. Fiery, thought Quaker approach to mild. Formed the Liberator newspaper-chief organ of abol writing.
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Unformatted text preview: Natural rights and immoral. • Moved from extremist point of view to mainstream by Amistad Case 1840-41 and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. • Amistad Case-slaves mutiny on ships, ran around on US. Spanish crown wanted money losses. Supreme court. Are they property or people with natural rights rising against crew to get home? John Quincy Adams defended slaves. Made ablos more mainstream. Ruling was for the Africans, they returned home. • Uncle Tom’s Cabin-Tom beaten to death. Portrayed as a “turn the other cheek” Christian. Tom is a martyr , helps others escape. • Both sides believed they were favored by god. • War romanticized, fighting for defense of Hearth and Home. • Both Sides claimed heir of the American Revolution. Are we states? Or united? • Southerners claimed same as reasons Am Rev. North claimed they were fighting for what was born from the Rev....
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