The Railroad in Romantic America JAN 24

The Railroad in Romantic America JAN 24 - The Railroad in...

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The Railroad in Romantic America Frederick Jackson Turner, “Frontier Thesis” George Caleb Bingham, Daniel Boone , 1850-51 Emmanuel Leutze, Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way , 1861 Trail of Tears-20-25% of Eastern Cherokees Died. George Catlin-Fascinated with Indians , 1868 George Inness, The Lackawanna Valley , 1855 Extra Points: Manifest Destiny-Settle Wilderness to Pacific-John Gast, American Progress-(moving west, pushing out natives, wagons etc) Progress means settlement + improvement. The American Frontier-What is not settled yet Population increased x4 from 1800-1850. Frontier Thesis-the existence of an area of free land, its continuous recession, and the advance of Am democracy. Everytime a new area is resettled new social develops have to be made again. Democracy keeps repeating itself. Idea of opportunity. Economic, social, and political. When frontier is gone, America will look at herself differently. Nostalgic view
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