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ROMANTIC DEMOCRACY - but proud of being a working man(dirty...

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ROMANTIC DEMOCRACY Jacksonian Democracy Andrew Jackson elected 1828 John Neagle, Pat Lyon at the Forge American Renaissance Ralph Waldo Emerson-chief character. Henry David Thoreau Margaret Fuller Walt Whitman –from New York Romantic Reform Religious Revivalism Experimental Communities Brook Farm Temperance Women’s Rights Seneca Falls Conference 1848 Extra Points: Jackson known as a fighter against American Indians. Jackson a champion of the people. Ex. Opposed to bank of US. Voting rights extended, ex-property right abolished for voting Concept of heroism changed from Rev to common man. John Neagle- Pat Lyon at the Forge. Same self confidence as Trumbull paintings
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Unformatted text preview: but proud of being a working man(dirty) • Whitman on leaves of grass presents himself as common man. • Emerson-Self Reliance-called on people to have faith in themselves. • Thoreau-thought Americans were to materialist. • Margaret Fuller-• Walt Whitman-humble man. Taking voice of poets and merging it with voices of America. Declares he contains all of America. • Religious Revival- Can change(think of amazing grace). Everything can change. • Temperance-alcohol evil, affected families, abusive. Urged people to look within themselves. • Womens Rights-Seneca Falls-Dec of Senitments-same as dec of ind. Called for equal rights...
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