ENLIGHTENMENT AMERICA slides - freedom,Science and...

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ENLIGHTENMENT AMERICA Enlightenment(science and logic) Faith in science and human progress Faith in rationality, questioning authority(educated to question) International discussion of human rights Awareness of history(roman and greek) and philosophy Economic and social structures in flux Scientific Revolution: Isaac Newton 1642-1727 Political philosophy: John Locke 1632-1704 Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826 President of US 1801-1809 Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom Notes on the State of Virginia , 1785 Monticello University of Virginia Extra Points Enlightenment- born from scientific rev, and new political thinking. Newton’s Laws ect. Treatises of Gov-Natural Rights and compact between rulers and government Benjamin Franklin-Great enlightenment thinker Jefferson educated by tutor, then latin school at 9, finally William and Mary. Sole teacher Dr. William Small-liberal mind, useful science skills Enlightenment man-Public service, Rationality(Dec of Inp, Stateute for religious
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Unformatted text preview: freedom),Science and discovery(Lewis and Clarck), History and Aesthetics(Monticello, uva) • Contradictory figure-slaveholder, devoted father but had relationship with slave(Sally Hemings), Believer in change and innovations who helped create long term institutions. • Even an enlightenment figure could not escape contradictions of own time • Notes on State of VA. Buffon believed Europe was pinnacle of civilization. Infuriated Jefferson so Jefferson wrote the notes to describe animals, culture, etc. Again contradictory he writes in notes horrors of slavery. Probably kept slaves for economic reasons. • Built Monticello- an enlightenment house • Built UVA, advocated public education. Archiltecture can create harmonious community • Wanted to be remembered for an enlightenment firgure...
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ENLIGHTENMENT AMERICA slides - freedom,Science and...

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