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AMST Final Study Guide

AMST Final Study Guide - AMST Final Study Guide VIEWING THE...

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AMST Final Study Guide VIEWING THE GERMAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS: DOCUMENTING THE HEART OF DARKNESS 1933 Hitler comes to power, one month before FDR inaugurated-Jewish population disempowered because of WWI, Hitler banks on this to win. Anti Semitism-Hitler mobilized Racial Fear. Pure Arians 1935 Nuremberg Laws- limited number of professions Jews could work on. Prohibited from going to college, expelled. Doctors and lawyers lost licenses 1938 Kristallnacht- night of broken glass-systematic attack on Jewish Businesses 1942 Wannsee Conference-”Final Solution”-eliminate all Jews. Not just use labor but kill all Final Solution-Work camps become death camps-eliminate the jewish question. 1945 Fall of Germany-Opened Americas eyes to atrocities Auschwitz-worst death camp, selected for death or work. Women and children killed Buchenwald Dachau The Shadow of the Mushroom Cloud Manhattan Project-German scientist come over and help create- A full on work effort. Scientist lived together. Albert Einstein-Leading scientist in project-German J. Robert Oppenheimer-Scientific Director-brilliant man, intense and devoted. Assimilate research team, took charge of site of first testing. Los Alamos, New Mexico-idea of site where scientist would live together, work together, to accomplish goal to use against Europe(European immigrants built it Bulletin of Atomic Scientists-Academic community-drew from colleges and stuff Bombing of Hiroshima August 6, 1945-president Truman ordered bombing-Devastated Hiroshima, scientist a little regrettable, but necessary to avoid land invasion John Hersey, “Hiroshima,” New Yorker, August 31, 1946-book documented on 6 peoples experiences of radiation sickness following the bombing. Showed people how bad the technology was Unforgettable fire- View of Hijiyama from hijiyayma elemtary schools, People in the River, Wounded People, A young boy 4 or 5 years old.
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IKE’S AMERICA: PROSPERITY AND FEAR Suburbia-GI’s moved into communites following war. 60% of americans middle class. Post industrial economy. housing for the new middle class. Schools etc. (Levittown, NY)- American dream of mid 20th century. Baby boomers Leonard Bernstein, “Trouble in Tahiti”- criticizes suburbia, unfulfilling life. Fear of conformity. Norman Rockwell-children are innocent Four Freedoms - Freedom of speech, of religion, from want, from fear “I Love Lucy”- most famous of family sitcoms-ran from 1951 to 1957. Brought familes together Dwight David Eisenhower-President-A grandpa figure- Fatherly. Trusted. War hero(supreme commander of allied forces, then commander of nato). Not particularly political, moderate republican. Interstate Highway System. Fear of Soviets led to Korean war Senator Joseph McCarthy- Powerful anti—communist politician. Attacked people of being communist which would undermine security of USA. Red scare/witch hunt Edward R. Murrow-brought out McCarthy on the news network for attacking veterans-took a big gamble help bring down McCarthy . Public fear of communism changed Symbolism of Space-driven by cold war Sputnik-
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AMST Final Study Guide - AMST Final Study Guide VIEWING THE...

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