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Exam Review - Exam Review For required slides, Know all 1....

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Exam Review For required slides, Know all 1. Enlightenment America John Trumbull, new ideas, A revolution Works were persuasive, showed a point of view. Battle of Bunker’s Hill . Represents death of Gen. Warren. Little group of Americans surrounded by redcoats. Americans look like underdogs compared to professional BR soldiers. Spot light on Americans. Underdog heroism. God on our side. Dec of Independence Painting-boring, tries to make point of seriousness of purpose. Not hotheaded men. Resignation of Washington Painting - Foundation of new nation to come. Only painting in series with women and children. George Washington on his horse - commander, big, over little soldiers. Idealized. Washington looks clean. Portrayed as up in the heavens, gazing as a powerful man. Showed that American Rev, was just, and mabey deemed by god 2. Romantic America Adventure, love of nature. Thomas Cole. Coles painting show emotion. Does this by contrast. Painting pulls you in to story. The Oxbow -Half dense forest, half cultivated. Frontier moving west. Artist in the middle holding It all together. Schroon Mountian -native American camouflaged, also shows that God love America, uses autumn colors. Kaaterskill Falls The notch of the white mountain. Course of an empire. Pastoral State-everything in harmony. Consummation of Empire-noon. Warning Destruction- Fall of Roman empire, Late afternoon Desolation -nature coming back. Romanticism-feelings are important, individual genius, Romantics are interested in how outside world affects subjectivity of individual.
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Nature related to a larger moral system, when humans interact they become better
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Exam Review - Exam Review For required slides, Know all 1....

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