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The American Dream in 21 st Century America U.S. poverty, 2009: 43.6 million, or 14.3% Children under 18: 20.7% poverty Hurricane Katrina, 2005 Jim Hubbard, Shooting Back , 1991 Bill Bamberger Wendy Ewald Extra points Samuel Clemens aka. Mark Twain-The gilded Age-critized society of late 19 th century America b/c of the un equal wealth and poverty and opportunity. American Dream at turn of 20 th century-Horatio Alger, Gospel of Wealth etc. moving up in the world economically American Dream at turn of 21 st century-house, good lifestyle, children, health care Economic woes, credit debt, housing crisis. Jacob Riis Poverty rate growing, distribution of inequality from income and wealth growing. Americans under estimate what they think is the distribution of wealth. Racial divide of poverty, also more unhealthy if poor, usually don’t live as long. Symbolic Event of “the other half”-New Orleans-what upper class would consider fun, Hurricane Katrina.
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Unformatted text preview: Revealed things about New Orleans-love hate for technology-levees • New Orleans made livable by levees but Katrina broke them. • Flooding brought the poorest of neighborhoods to publics attention-the levees where not as strong there. Poorest people couldn’t get out of city • Natural Disaster highlighted inequality • Superdome became haven, but inadequate. • Spike Lee, When the Levees Broke • Jim Hubbard, Shooting Back¸ 1989-enraged and moved at poverty in D.C • Washington Monument photo behind barbed wire • Boy with a gun-is he scared, or is the gun his way of life • Mother and Child-Who is behind camera? She cant lead a regular life • Flip-one of the good things that came from shooting back, showed Joy, skill, exuberation • Bill Bemberger-local photographer who documented furniture layoff. • Wendy Ewald-Literacy through photography- carries on Bembergers legacy. •...
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