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BICENTENNIAL BLUES Post-Watergate America Robert Altman, Nashville , 1975 Martin Scorsese, Taxi Driver , 1976 Sidney Lumet, Network , 1976 John G. Avildsen, Rocky , 1976 Extra Points: 1876-celebration of American Values. 1976-Bicentennial-mutiple strains of critiques and fragmentation over issues of war and peace, counter culture, generational gaps etc. Loss of faith in government- Celebration publicly showed lots of fireworks, parades etc. Underlying this moment in the 1970 was a great deal of turmoil and self—doubt /questioning Films released in 75-76 focused on how Am felt during bicentennial Fall of Saigon 1975—Pride in nation challenged with corruption of government and the loss of war 2 dollar bill released during Bicentennial All the presidents men - a Watergate film. Hearts and Minds -Vietnam war Nashville , 1975-about country music industry-director was a pioneer,
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Unformatted text preview: overlapping scenes and dialogue. During film a candidate is running for president(1976)-anti establishment-3 rd party replacement party. At the same time a traditional Hyper inflated father of a country(country artist)— patriotic. Characters from every strain of Am-Vietnam vet, anti war people etc. Public shooting represents JFK,RFK, and MLK. At the end says that even tough we are fragmented, maybe there is a hope we can come back together. “it don’t worry me” • Taci Driver ,1976- Scorsese a powerful director. A dark film. Starts with an election campaign with hope but not sincere. Undercurrent of despair • Network , 1976-Lumet-About network television. Has a nervous breakdown and calls people to say “Im mad as hell and wont take it anymore”. America not livable anymore • Rocky – hope full , new hero •...
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