Symbolism of Space

Symbolism of Space - Man on the moon initiative. Fueled by...

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Symbolism of Space Sputnik John Kennedy 1960, “The New Frontier” Apollo Program 1967-1975 Whole earth Spaceship Earth Stanley Kubrick, 2001, A Space Odyessey 1968 Apollo Landing on the moon Extra Points: Space race driven by coldwar Sputnik shocked the world in 1957, Sense of America caught napping and endanger of losing supremacy Project Mercury began in 58. Manned space flight. Recruitment of “astronauts” Flights by 61. Put in place by IKE 1960-Kennedy , young, roman catholic, boyish, youthful, vigorous. Marked a generational change. “The New Frontier” Televised debates against Nixon helped Kennedy win.
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Unformatted text preview: Man on the moon initiative. Fueled by cold war rivalry to be the best Space program hooked into long standing deep concepts that America struggled with Very romantic- Spaceship Earth-1 imagine capsule as a micro earth-has to have oxygen. Analogy reminding is of the virility of life Whole Earth concept-1 st time anyone had seen the whole earth-that the globe is a whole. Our troubles are humbly small when looking at this. Led people to think interpedently. A space odyssey tried to imagine space travel. Human evolution leads to space travel. Super computer HAL destructive....
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