Chem lab 2 - Shrank Shrank(dissolved Water NR NR Table 4...

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Table 1: Reactions with Hair Reagent Observations Water Hair is wet and straight 6M NaOH Hair is light brown and wet 16M HNO3 Hair is bleached yellow and corrosive Clorox Hair is lighter, dark blonde Table 2: Reactions with Clothing Material 12M HCl 18M H2SO4 12.5M NaOH Mine/Other Mine/Other Mine/Other Nylon Light purple/Burnt hole Dark Blue/NR NR/NR Denim NR/NR Black/NR NR/NR Towel NR/NR Brown corrosive/Burnt hole Green/Faded Green Polyester NR/NR Red/ Bright Orange NR/NR Table 3: Reactions with Contact Lenses Reagent My Observations Others Observations Fluorescent IndicatorTurned yellow green Glowing yellow 18M H2SO4 Corrosive, curled Curled up, corrosive 2% KMnO4 Absorbed purple color Purple 6M NaOH NR NR Acetone
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Unformatted text preview: Shrank Shrank (dissolved) Water NR NR Table 4: Reactions with Biological Materials Material Reagent Observations Sugar 18M H2SO4 Yellow and collected Egg White 6M HNO3 White and solidified Egg White 6M NaOH Solidified some Egg White Clorox Bubbled slightly Skin .1M NaOH Felt more slippery Table 5: Reactions with Polystyrene and Starch Packing Peanuts Material Reagent Observations Styrofoam Acetone Dissolved Styrofoam Water NR Starch Acetone NR Starch Water NR Table 6: Reactions with Aluminum Foil Material Reagent Observations Aluminum Foil 6M NaOH Boiled then dissolved Clorox Mine/Other NR/NR Blue faded/Bleached NR/NR NR/Bleached...
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Chem lab 2 - Shrank Shrank(dissolved Water NR NR Table 4...

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