BIO 120 lecture syllabus W10

BIO 120 lecture syllabus W10 - BIO 120, Winter 2010 General...

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BIO 120, Winter 2010 – General Biology I Dr. Mark Thogerson Office: 216 HRY Lecture Time and Location: Phone: 331-2889 Section 30: MW 4:30-5:45 PM, MAN 102 Section 60: TR 2:30-3:45 PM, MAN 102 Section 90: TR 8:30-9:45 AM, 132 LHH Website: BlackBoard Office hours: MW 2:00-4:00 PM Email: – this is likely the most effective way to contact me. I rarely check school email on weekends. Course Description and Prerequisites Introduction to cell structure and physiology, growth and development, and genetics (3-0-3). Offered fall, winter, and summer semesters. Prerequisites: High school chemistry, CHM 109, or CHM 115 (CHM 109 or CHM 115 may be taken concurrently). Fulfills Life Sciences Foundation. Course Objectives 1. To introduce the principles of cell biology, genetics, development, and cell energetics. 2. To teach interpretation of experimental data through selected laboratory techniques. 3. To provide a framework for subsequent coursework in biology and the health sciences. Text Campbell, N.A. and J.B. Reece, 2008. Biology, 8 th ed. Pearson / Benjamin Cummings, San Francisco, CA. Lecture Policies 1. You should make every effort to attend class and be punctual. Exams and quizzes may not be made up unless you have a documented reason for having missed. If possible, schedule a makeup BEFORE an exam date. If you do not contact me before the first lecture after an exam, you will receive a zero for that exam. Make-up exams given at times other than scheduled may be in the form of multiple essays. Examples of valid excuses (documentation provided) Examples of invalid excuses Written explanation by a medical or legal professional Death of an immediate family member Copy of police report corresponding to exam/class time Child care emergency Alarm failure Event conflict (games, concerts) unless you are an athlete/performer Vacations 2. You are expected to be prepared for each lecture; this means study your readings in advance! 3. You are responsible for readings, notes, and assignments up to and including exam day for all exams and quizzes. Bring at least one #2 pencil with you for exams . 4. Electronic devices: Use of personal stereos during class will not be tolerated. Cell phones and pagers must be turned off or set to a silent mode. A ringing cell phone gives me a good reason for a pop quiz! Tape recorders may be used for recording lectures, and computers may be used only for taking notes. 5.
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BIO 120 lecture syllabus W10 - BIO 120, Winter 2010 General...

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