CrossesMultipleDomRecTraitsF10 - BIOLOGY 355: Transmission...

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BIOLOGY 355: Transmission Problems Name(s) __________________________ 10 Points: Matthews __________________________ For each of the following questions, determine the answer and write the corresponding answer on the line accompanying the question. You may consult any resource you so choose to assist with this assignment, but please do not ask your instructor to pre-grade your answers. It is suggested, and STRONGLY encouraged, that students work together on these questions to determine the correct answers. If two or more students work together on the assignment, only one paper needs to be turned in with the multiple names being placed on the first page of the assignment. The pages of this assignment MUST be STAPLED together to receive credit for this assignment. 1. It is determined that a female’s genotype for the traits of dimples, eye color, cystic fibrosis, and tongue rolling are, respectively, DdBbCCtt and a male’s genotype for the same traits is ddbbCcTt. (1 point for each answer) A. Using the single gene concept for eye color, if one of this couple’s children has dimples,
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CrossesMultipleDomRecTraitsF10 - BIOLOGY 355: Transmission...

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