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Genetics problem set _2a

Genetics problem set _2a - are crossbred the result is...

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Name:_______________________________________________ Class time: __________ Name:_______________________________________________ Class time: __________ BIO 120 Genetics problem set (15 points) 1. (4 points) A male black gerbil was crossed with a tan female. The litter consisted of four black and five tan pups. One of the black females was back-crossed to her father (black), and their litter had six black and two tan. One of the tan males was back-crossed to her mother (tan) and all their litter was tan. a. (2 pts) What are the genotypes of the original black male________ and tan female________ ? b. (2 pts) Diagram a Punnett square of the mating between these two. 2. (3 points) A cross between two sweet pea plants produced 41 plants with pink flowers, 18 with white flowers, and 19 with red flowers. a. What is the type of inheritance pattern exhibited in this cross? __________________________ b. What are the phenotypes of the two parent plants? _______________ and ________________ 3. (8 points) When members of two different true-breeding strains of straight-haired guinea pigs
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Unformatted text preview: are crossbred, the result is always is always curly-haired. Two of these curly-haired F 1 s are mated several times, and when the phenotypes of their offspring are tallied, there are 59 curly and 41 straight-haired guinea pigs. When either two straight-haired F 2 s or two curly F 2 s are mated, the offspring are a mix of straight- and curly-haired pups. This trait involves two genes. a. (1 pt) What is the pattern of inheritance displayed by this trait? ________________________ b. (2 pts) What are the genotypes of the two parents? _______________ and _______________ c. (1 pt) What is the expected ratio of straight:curly? d. (4 pts) Draw a Punnett square of the cross between two of the curly-haired F 1 s on the back. 4. (1 point extra credit). Heffalumps are usually solid gray, but one variety has pink spots. This variety is exclusively male, and if a male has pink spots, its male parent and male children also have spots. What is the likely pattern of inheritance of this trait?...
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Genetics problem set _2a - are crossbred the result is...

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