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Review suggestions for CHM116 lab practical If you were engaged throughout the semester, you should already be prepared to excel on the lab practical. You can expect several “stations” where you’ll be asked to plan and execute work that revisits the most fundamental topics we’ve covered: acid-base equilibria (buffers, p K a / p K b , titrations), and solubility equilibria ( K sp , K f , shifty equilibria). Be able to prepare buffer solutions • Do calculations using Henderson-Hasselbach (pH, p K a , molarities) • Mass out any solids, measure out liquids, use proper technique/glassware • For these and all calculations – be attentive to details like units, sig. figs, correct formulas, states of matter • Anticipate “authentic assessment” – did you get the desired pH? Be able to do titrations Weak acid/ weak base • Anticipate shapes of curves • Plot curves, interpret shape, note equiv pt. and ½ equiv. pt., get p K a or p K b Some soluble ion to get its concentration and thus
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