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Use a few complete sentences to explain the difference between the spontaneity of a reaction (thermodynamics) and the speed of a reaction (kinetics). You may need to research kinetics briefly (Ch 13, which we skipped until a bit later). Discuss whether a catalyst can make a nonspontaneous reaction spontaneous (in addition to speeding it up) 1. Problems for Mon 10/11 Name Use a few sentences to discuss what will happen if you run a refrigerator with its door open in a perfectly insulated room. Will the room get warmer, cooler, or stay the same temperature?
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Unformatted text preview: Include mention of the 1 st and 2 nd Laws of thermodynamics as appropriate. 2. If you consider figure 17.5 in your text, youll probably agree that solid water (ice) has less entropy than liquid water. You know that water freezes spontaneously at temperatures lower than 0 C. How can a process that involves a decrease in entropy occur spontaneously? Isnt this a violation of the 2 nd Law of thermodynamics? Use a few complete sentences to discuss water freezing, including specific consideration of entropy changes. 3....
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