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Quiz 3 Review Suggestions 1 st Law of Thermo – conservation of energy (never lost, tends toward entropic forms - heat) 2 nd Law of Thermo – entropy of the universe, S univ , always increases ( S univ = S system + S surroundings ) • Be able to judge what has more absolute entropy (compare two things or compare products vs. reactants) • Understand how a thermal entropy change in the surroundings can offset a positional entropy decrease in a system • at const P , S = H / T , so: S univ = S system + H surr / T (think of freezing H 2 O; also, at equilibrium, S univ = 0) • Understand how the change in Gibbs Free Energy, G, expresses the above bold equation in terms of the system G = H system - T S system ; negative G spontaneous; positive G not; G = 0 at equilibrium • Be able to predict signs of H º , S º , G º like with rubber band and dry ice • Be able to think through what H
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