Exam 2 Topics - STUDY GUIDE EXAM#2 will be held on Friday...

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STUDY GUIDE EXAM #2 will be held on Friday 3/25/11 The following study guide is not necessarily a complete list but does include the main topics we have covered. Please refer to your notes, text, and BB for the complete inventory of all items we have covered, for definitions and for practice problems. Your EXAM #2 in CHM 241 will consist of multiple choice (MC) questions and short answer (SA) type questions. The short answer type questions are not “essay” but are where you have to draw the correct structure or show electron flow arrows for resonance or for a reaction. However, a short written explanation may be required. For the MC questions you will be filling in a scantron (bubble sheet) for your answers and handing that in. Please bubble in your Blackboard user ID and exam form letter on the scantron when you begin your exam AND circle answers on the test too. CHAPTERS COVERED: Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 from the Smith Organic Text. Also include in your studies the handouts from lecture, the quizzes, and the discussion worksheets. CHAPTER 5: Stereochemistry Isomers- Constitutional and Stereoisomers (cis/trans and asymmetric centers) Chirality- in molecules and objects – Chiral and Achiral molecules and objects Finding Chiral Carbons (C*; stereocenters) Numbers of possible stereoisomers (2 n calculation) Drawing a Mirror image (is it superimposable or non-superimposable?) Cahn Ingold Prelog (CIP) priorities: How to label as R, S Enantiomers (have opposite configurations)
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Exam 2 Topics - STUDY GUIDE EXAM#2 will be held on Friday...

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