CJ 300 Study Guide and Practice Questions Quiz 1 (Winter 2011)

CJ 300 Study Guide and Practice Questions Quiz 1 (Winter 2011)

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Study Guide and Practice Questions: CJ 300 Instructor: Dr. Kierkus Date: January 28, 2011 The following set of questions asks about key concepts that we’ve covered in the course so far. You should be able to answer any one of them. If you read a question, and the language seems unfamiliar, you should review that subject area again. This study guide is not exhaustive, that is, it may not cover every possible question I could ask on the quiz. You are responsible for everything we discussed in class (and the related materials on Blackboard). However, it does identify the key areas of concentration on which the vast majority of the questions will be based. 1. What is social research? “Social research is a collection of methods people use to systematically produce knowledge?” (Neuman, 2003: 2) Method. Knowledge. 2. How did we acquire knowledge prior to using the social research model? What weaknesses do these methods have? Authority: Expert opinion. –Experts can be wrong! –H. Pylori infection causing ulcers. Tradition: people have known this to be true since the beginning of time. –Be careful that you don’t sail off the edge of the earth … Common sense: Duh! It’s just obvious. –A gun buy back will get guns off the streets, so it has to prevent violence, right? Media myths: Conclusions based on how the media portrays an issue. –Most crime is violent, after all, that’s what I see on the news! Personal experience: I know, because it’s happened to me!
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–Leads to stereotypes. –CJ practitioners need to be especially careful:
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CJ 300 Study Guide and Practice Questions Quiz 1 (Winter 2011)

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