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Review for PSY 101 Final Exam Psychological Disorders Etiology Diagnosis - DSM-IV - Different Axes (their functions) - Anxiety Disorders - Free floating anxiety - Phobias - Agoraphobia Mood disorders - Depression - Bipolar - Panic disorders - Obsessive-compulsive disorder Dissociative disorders - Amnesia - Fugue - Identity disorder Schizophrenia - Hallucinations - Paranoid - Catatonic Treatment of Disorders Psychologists or psychiatrists? - Techniques - Education Psychoanalysis - Transference - Dream analysis - Free association - Slips of the tongue Behavior therapy - Assumptions - Origins - Systematic desensitization - Anxiety hierarchy Client-centered therapy - Unconditional Positive regard - Origins, techniques Cognitive Therapy - Techniques - Assumptions - Origins/techniques Why do people seek therapy? - Common reasons Psychopharmacology Effectiveness of/uses for:
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Unformatted text preview: -Depression medications-Anti-psychotic medications-Lithium-Prozac-Thorazine-Xanax Spontaneous remission Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) Social Psychology Stereotypes/stereotyping Attraction- what causes initial attraction? Milgram’s (1963) study of obedience In group/Out group identification Polarization Stanford Prison Study (Zimbardo) Evolutionary basis of attractiveness Conformity Consciousness Awareness Consciousness v. unconsciousness REM sleep Co-sleeping Brain waves (Alpha, beta, theta, delta) and associated characteristics The effects of various drugs on consciousness The physiology of sleep (changes in body responses) Melatonin Biological rhythms and jet lag Hypnosis Theories of dreaming Drugs and their side effects...
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