Poli. 271 Notes 10

Poli. 271 Notes 10 - Marx argues that a mode of production...

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How can we emancipate ourselves? Analytical points: Historical progress advances development of productive forces Capitalism enables the possibility of abundance Capitalism is the first form of society predicated on the development of productive forces Historical change simplifies class structures In capitalism, class structures are based entirely on economic exploitation The class structures of capitalism hinder the full development of productive capabilities Materialist conception of History Dimensions of a critical theory A “scientific” theory with practical, political intent Descriptive: analysis of human nature and social formations Explanatory: Analysis of social change Practical: Analysis of capitalist society The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it. Presuppositions of Marx’s materialist concept of history A dialectical philosophy of history with materialist foundations History as progressive realization of reason
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Unformatted text preview: Marx argues that a mode of production disappears only when all of the possibilities of its further development have been exhausted Paper 2 Marx and Globalization Globalization Breakdown of traditional political borders Global communication Spread of ideas, goods, services, economies Marx on Globalization Good thing Common standard of development Specifically: labor, supply chains Common Class More difficult to unite from different cultures Capital searches for new markets Problem: Markets are limited, eventually you run out This causes companies to have life spans Eventually, the market collapses Marx’s Mistakes Specialization in supply chain Misunderstood relationship between capital and government Governments step in to do a lot of the work for capital Mistaken about class identification and wishes of proletariat Failed to anticipate the lack of solidarity between workers...
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Poli. 271 Notes 10 - Marx argues that a mode of production...

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